Beginners Triathlon Camp

This camp will cater for all abilities, from beginner to experienced – Sprint, Olympic or Long distance. In other words, this camp is for everybody.  


The training sessions will be based at Club La Santa, while the rides will take participants around many different parts of the island.

The swimming sessions will mostly be in one of our 50-meter pools, but if you want to try an open water swim, we have our own Lagoon, perfect for beginners, as there are no strong currents or big waves. The running sessions will be both on and off-road, and we will also do some work on the track.

We will be aiming to improve your technical knowledge of the sport whilst also increasing your fitness. On some evenings, we will be holding lectures on various triathlon-related subjects, and we will have some open forums where you can test the coaches’ knowledge and experience. Athletes joining should be able to swim at least 100m front crawl.


Example Program

09.00 Welcome meeting
10.30 Bike (Approx. 1½ hour)
14.00 Run (30 min.)
17.00 Swim session

09.30 Bike (Approx. 1½ hour)
13.00 Swim session
17.00 Run Hill session

10.00 Bike/Run session
15.30 Swim session
18.00 Talk

08.30 Run (Technique and drills)
11.00 Swim session
15.00 Bike (Approx. 2 hours)

10.00 Bike (Approx. 2 hours)
           Followed by short run
16.00 Swim session
19.00 Lecture

14.00 Green Team Triathlon
19.30 Dinner

10.30 Swim session

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